Spring 22 - FRESCO ART

The 2022 Liv Sin Pray collection is all about building bridges and breaking down barriers. The garments celebrate culture by combining ancient fresco art with current weaving technology. The chair design is primarily influenced by mid-century designs from the 1950s as well as Moorish patterns from the Alhambra Palace. It's all about integration.

This collection is meant to blur the lines that divide us. Men and women, ancient and modern, diverse cultures, and different fields are all represented.

This is a collection for everyone.

Jacquard Woven

Cotton Jacquard is a highly textured fabric with patterns that are woven, rather than printed into the fabric. 

The jacquard loom may be one of the most important weaving techniques in history and allows us to perfectly display art in fine pieces of fashion.

Our jacquard fabric adds an extra dimension to our garments and expresses fundamental pillars of life through timeless works of art. The perfect way to close the bridge between fashion and art.